What are the main characteristics of leather equipment

2019-04-25 14:14:17 166

ZhongRui machinery is an important manufacturer of leather equipment. The product quality has been unanimously recognized by the public. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction: What are the main characteristics of leather equipment?

1. use steam spray device, first wash and wash uppers, then quickly heat and dry. The upper is massaged by vacuum setting.

2. The temperature of each part can be set according to the different tips, heels and materials to adjust different temperatures, so that the treated shoes are streamlined, with perfect appearance and better shape effect.

Matters needing attention in operation of leather equipment

3. Vacuum setting is used to make the upper fit the last. The inactivity adjusts the processing time of each section, so as to improve the quality of the treated shoes.

4. Rotary circular conveyor belt is adopted to save time, improve productivity and stabilize product quality.

5. Adopting the rail-type rolling and continuous conveying mode is conducive to improving the stability of the machine and the service life of the product, and at the same time reducing the cost of breakage of the machine.

6. The use of sealed heating is conducive to stabilizing the thermostatic effect of the treatment box, reducing heat loss, saving electricity and reducing production costs.

7. Rotary circulation conveying mode is adopted to save shoe last and reduce manufacturing cost.

Relatively small volume, small space, the use of a unique sound convection principle design scheme, so that the machine noise is low.