Matters needing attention in operation of leather equipment

2019-04-25 14:12:54 113

Leather equipment is widely used in leather and shoes making, handbags and bags, gloves and hats, processes and silk flowers, embroidery, mosaics and card making, plastic absorption and packaging, printing and paper products, stationery, plastic chemical industry, automotive and electronic industries and other light industries.

The following points for attention in the operation of leather equipment are introduced:

1. When the cutter is set, the setting handwheel must be relaxed so that the setting rod touches the cutting point control switch. Otherwise, when the cutter setting switch turns to ON, the setting action cannot be produced.

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2. When working, the cutter should be placed in the center of the upper pressure plate as far as possible, so as not to cause unilateral wear and tear of the machine and affect its life.

3. Replace the new cutter. If the height is different, please reset it according to the setting method.

4. When cutting action, please leave the cutter or chopper with your hand. It is strictly forbidden to use your hand to assist the cutter die to cut, so as to avoid danger.

5. When the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, please turn off the motor switch, so as not to damage the machine table due to improper operation by others.

6. Please avoid overloading to avoid damaging the machine and reducing its service life.

Leather equipment is suitable for processing various kinds of flexible sheet materials such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, cardboard, felt, asbestos, glass fiber, cork and other synthetic materials. We must pay attention to it when we operate it!